Copywriter living in Salt Lake City, with a big chunk of San Diego in my heart. 

I have around sixteen years experience as a writer in the ad biz, with more than three years as an ACD.

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The beach. Big Gulps (Coke Zero or Diet Coke). Vintage western shirts. Belt buckles. Metallica. The NBA. Pepperoni pizza. Bean and cheese burritos. Tasty burgers. Golf. Pool. Foos. Ping pong. Bowling. Hiking. Running. Reading. Writing (not arithmetic). Napping. Snapping pics. Riding bikes around the hood. Pretending I can still skateboard. Someday I'll learn to play guitar.

My free time is spent mostly listening to music, playing Nintendo Classic, watching stuff on the tube, and spending time with m'gorgeous wife and two crazy kids. Whether inventing new worlds, exploring old ones, or playing ball of some sort. And wrasslin'. Lots and lots of wrasslin'.

Life ain't too bad.