Created new brand for Panasonic Toughbook. They sell fully rugged laptops and tablets, so they needed a brand to match. We started with a strategy of "purpose built devices built for the demands of extraordinary people". So we wanted to focus on the tough people, working at extraordinary jobs. It takes a certain type to walk the beat, drive a truck, rush into a fire, so we wanted to get into their mindset. We started from scratch, and created a full campaign that included commercials, brand videos, print ads, banners ads, landing pages, AT&T (Dallas Cowboys) signage, Times Square ads, social components, and others. 



As a company, Taser was ready to make a change. They were shifting their focus from Tasers to Axon body cameras and the backend support systems. So our task was to come up with a way for them to rebrand the company. The strategy was all about instilling confidence into the police officers that would use the body cams with a a campaign that included print ads, banners, landing pages, apps, etc., as well as program called #givefiv, which was all about trying to create goodwill for police officers by encouraging people to give cops high fives, hugs, fist bumps, or whatever. In addition, we wanted them to post online using the hashtage #givefive. For every post, Axon would donate to underprivileged kids in the name of their local police departments. To launch the program, we had the idea of a live webcast with officers located in major metropolitan places, such as Times Square, giving people high fives and hugs, in the hopes of catching the media's attention.